Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamie & Jonathan - D.C. Engagement Photography

Well this is one post I've been putting off for quite a long time... didn't want to cry writing it! (Not that I'm not happy... it's just that, well, girls cry about engagements.)

Yes, even me.

On occasion.

Jamie has been one of my very best friends ever since we were two aimless freshmen thrown together for ACU's Welcome Week. We instantly bonded (was this a product of the rest of our classmates being weirdos? most likely) and have been friends throughout the nine years since. When I think about Jamie dancing around in the halls of our dorms with underwear on her head, it's hard to believe she's now all grown-up and ENGAGED!

Jonathan is Jamie's perfect compliment in pretty much every way (as far as I can tell.) I've had the opportunity to get to know him over the past couple of years, and one thing I've never doubted is how much he truly cares about her.

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to shoot their engagement photos and I'm really looking forward to being a part of their upcoming August wedding (in Maine, no less!). It's going to seem weird attending as a bridesmaid and not a photographer!