Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Check it out

So this is definitely the funniest check I've ever received for my photographic services. It made me laugh out loud.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


While in Tennessee for my Thanksgiving break, I did a portrait session for one of my mom's contacts from church. I really enjoyed meeting the family and photographing their son, William. He is just as cute as can be, and a true two-year-old boy, through and through! We were able to do a lot of different things, including photographing him in front of the Christmas tree, in his playroom, and outside. I think the variety of locations worked well for some unique portraits that really captured his spirit. At the end of the session I was exhausted from running around after him and wondering if I got much at all. But after looking through the images, I'm totally happy! I may not have had a whole bunch of the cheesy, look-at-the-camera photos, (which is hard to accomplish with any two-year-old) but I definitely got some great smiles and natural expressions. I've posted just a few of my favorites.

A Thanksgiving Story

I don't know about the rest of you, but I had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to be able to go home to my parents' house in Tennessee for a few days (not long enough!). I guess the funniest thing that happened was my brother missed Thanksgiving. Wait, that sounds bad... but it's exactly what happened. He mistakenly booked his flight from Florida for the Thursday before Thanksgiving and never realized it. So when he showed up to the airport Thanksgiving day with bags fully packed, he couldn't understand why he wasn't being allowed to check in. And then he looked at the dates on his ticket. Oops. Before you think I'm a mean sister for laughing at this, I'll let you know that it did all work out. He was able to come the following day, Mom did a fantastic job of holding off Thanksgiving dinner (those Cornish hens were awesome!), and we all lived happily ever after. It's just one of those things that you just have to laugh at, because really there's nothing else you can do. I'm sure Jeff will think it's funny too, it just might take him a few years. But the irony of the whole thing? He's a logistics coordinator.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Connor and Faith

Not too long ago, I was in West Virginia helping my friend Matt shoot a wedding. Being in WV for the weekend allowed me to also do a portrait session for Alisha's twin babies. I photographed Ross and Alisha's wedding back in June, so this was a real treat to get a repeat client and see the new little ones. Babies are always tricky to photograph, and this was no exception! And however difficult one baby is, multiply it by two for a real challenge! But I wasn't in a hurry, so I waited through a couple of naps, feedings, and outfit changes and finally came out with a few really nice images. I had a great time!