Friday, November 08, 2013

Kelly & Michael - Patapsco State Park engagement session

I realize I've been slacking on the blog lately... but I couldn't miss showing you this awesome engagement shoot! If they hadn't told me differently, I would have sworn Kelly and Michael had some hardcore model experience. Because seriously, who is this good on their first try? I love that they brought masks to the shoot for something a little bit different, and I think we nailed it!


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Jillian & Garri - Anniversary/Baby Announcement Session

Okay, check out the light in these photos. We photographers go nuts over this stuff. I'm sure Jillian and Garri probably thought I was crazy walking around shouting, "THE LIGHT!" over and over again, but seriously, I couldn't handle the gorgeousness. These two were perfect models in this perfect setting, and I want to say congrats again on their new baby, being brewed as we speak!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carly & Renard - Lee Fendall House Wedding Photography

Hey guys! Remember when I used to blog?? Yeah, me neither, it's been so long... If you're wondering what happened to me, I've been taking this last month to do some living outside, instead of inside my office. It's been a great few weeks - I've visited North Carolina (twice) and Tennessee, eaten a garbage plate, gone to the fair, painted some pottery, made a terrarium, played volleyball, been on a boat, enjoyed a girls' weekend, and watched Bret Michaels perform "Every Rose has its Thorn" live.

Annnnd I worked a lot too. But what have I NOT done? Blogged! So here goes - an incredible wedding from Memorial Day weekend.

Beautiful day, beautiful people (inside and out), and beautiful venue. Carly and Renard's wedding was so heartfelt and genuine - pretty much just like them. I've never seen a groom cry as much as Renard, and as a result I was tearing up too! He cried during the First Look, when Carly walked down the aisle, the vows, and the toasts. I loved it! Haha. These guys are definitely ready for marriage and for whatever life will bring them and I'm pretty confident they will get through it all together.

Cake/Cupcakes: Fluffy Thoughts
Catering: Main Event
DJ: DJ Rico of Bialek's Music
Flowers: family friend
Hair: Alison Harper & Co
Venue: Lee Fendall House