Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Makeover (Again)

Just in case you're wondering if you're in the right spot, I thought I'd offer an explanation for my blog makeover (the second one in less than a year!) In an effort to continually improve my presentation and product, I've adjusted my blog to now better match my website and also offer my audience larger photos for viewing (finally!) Bigger is better, right? :) Thanks for your patience as I fine-tune everything.

Janaye & Brady - Woodville, TX Wedding Photography

As always, I love a wedding I get to travel for! Janaye and Brady's was especially fun because I got to see a few friends from way back when AND I also returned to the great state of Texas (which, if you know me, you know I love.) Admittedly, my love of Texas derives not only from the sense of nostalgia it brings (I grew up there) but more importantly, the FOOD! Driving the two hours from the Houston airport to the small town of Woodville, I stopped at an exit with a Whataburger AND a Taco Cabana. Ah! Decisions, decisions!

But anyway, back to the wedding.... Janaye and Brady are so freakin' cute together it's crazy. They share something special I don't see in just every couple, and their excitement for the day was contagious! Did I mention easy to photograph? They pretty much just posed themselves - everything was very natural, and I hope that shows in the photos.

I was nervous about shooting this wedding, because Janaye is the sister of my friend and fellow professional photographer Stacie Tatum - she does really AWESOME work so I felt like I had a lot of expectations to meet (especially after seeing Janaye and Brady's engagement photos she shot).

Nerves aside, the wedding was lot of fun because it was the second Danley wedding for me. I also photographed Janaye's sister Lera three years ago in Idaho. (If you've seen my wedding party jumping shot against the blue sky, then that's the wedding I'm talking about.) I felt a little like the "family photographer" which was pretty cool, because people remembered me and I remembered them.

Janaye and Brady were such great sports - they even climbed up a ladder to sit at the top of a barn for photos. And that makes for a good wedding. What else can I say?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Matt & Kyle - EnGAYgement

The "fun factor" of this session did not disappoint. These guys told me they would be my guinea pigs and were up for anything, and I have to say I definitely took advantage of that statement! Since they didn't have any locations around here with any particular special meaning, I suggested we go to Sykesville, MD. I'd driven through Sykesville earlier in the month and was simultaneously intrigued and charmed by the town. I scouted online for few locations prior to the session, and even made a new Flickr friend who helped me with some ideas and directions.

I guess you could call this the session gone wrong, but in the end, it all worked out beautifully.

For starters, we almost rescheduled because it was raining on and off all week, but decided to just go for it, clouds and all.

Driving there, I had a blowout and ended up on the side of the highway with a flatter-than-flat tire. (You should have seen the size of the hole in that thing!) I called Matt and Kyle and they very generously offered to drive back - they were 10 miles ahead of me - and help me change it.

(Side note here so I don't seem like a completely wimpy girl: I know how to change a tire, I was just physically unable to get the lug nuts off.)

At this point, a very nice man stopped to help me (if I knew your name I would write you a thank-you note!) and I was on my way again in under 15 minutes. Matt and Kyle kindly followed me the remaining distance, which was a laborious process since I couldn't drive over 50 mph on my spare.

So we got a little bit of a late start, and I was a little dirty, but none the worse for the wear. Sykesville has this super-cool old abandoned blue caboose on the tracks behind the train station and it was awesome for texture and color! We started there and then walked a little farther down the tracks to see what we would find.

Turns out it was a snake.

I've never seen anyone move quite as fast as Matt did to avoid that snake. Ha! I only wish I had been quick enough to snap a photo of that. (In my defense, I'm not sure they make shutter speeds that fast.)

Aside from the minor setbacks and strange looks from the townspeople, we had a great time and I think the photos really reflect that. I'm really looking forward to shooting Matt and Kyle's wedding in September!