Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Slice of Americana

It's not every day I come across something quite like this:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Debbie & Joe - Martin's West Wedding Photography

I've rarely seen a bride more excited to be married than Debbie. Her attitude was contagious, and I loved every minute of their wedding!

Martin's West was both the ceremony and reception site for Debbie and Joe. I love the white pillars! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rachel & Jake - Annapolis Engagement Photography

Well I think it's time to post a couple more of the lovely fall-color photo sessions before the snow overtakes us and we forget that there ever was a fall. Ahhh! I don't do well in the cold.

I was really surprised by how late in the season the leaves changed this year. I didn't photograph Rachel and Jake until Halloween weekend and it was just about perfect.

What a sweet couple! We had fun at Quiet Waters Park - they were up for anything, which turned out to mean picking leaf bits off their clothes for the next hour after I suggested they throw leaves at each other. Oops!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feel the Fever

One of my more entertaining sessions to date was photographing the Potomac Fever guys. They had me cracking up the entire time!

Potomac Fever is a smaller a capella ensemble group within GMCW. Matt, a member, was my connection to the group (remember Kyle and Matt?) and I was flattered that he thought of me for this job. Unable to coordinate a convenient day for everyone to meet up, I came instead to Ashby Ponds to photograph the group prior to their concert there. I wasn't sure what I'd have to work with, but as it turned out, there was plenty!

My favorite moment of the day happened as we were all walking to the lake at the front of the property... I was leading the way and all twelve guys were trailing behind me, and this cute old lady said, "Well you must be something special - I've never seen so many men all following one girl!" Haha. 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Laura & Matthew - Bridgewater Engagement Photography

When Laura first asked me to shoot engagement photos of her and Matthew, I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen! Not too many people are willing to pay for me to travel three hours away for an engagement session. We picked a weekend in October and hoped for good weather - rescheduling would have been difficult for all of us, but fortunately we lucked out with a gorgeous fall day (albeit a bit windy!). Laura and I brainstormed locations around the Harrisonburg area - I could tell she was wanting something a little bit different - and finally settled on the JMU campus, downtown, and a friend's vineyard in Bridgewater. I was pretty stoked about the vineyard thing at sunset, and it ended up being even more beautiful than I had imagined!