Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Virginia & Adam - Mount Vernon Inn Wedding Photography

Did I mention I got a new camera? The incredibly incredible Canon 5D Mark III - finally a camera from Canon that delivers all it promises. I've had it about a month now, and I am unabashedly in love. Anyway, I will always remember Ginny and Adam's wedding as the start of this beautiful love story, as it was the first wedding I shot with the Mark III. Ha. 

Okay, enough gushing about my gear... let's talk for a minute about how awesome this wedding was! Ginny was one of those brides who literally never stopped smiling the entire day. She and Adam chose to see each other before the wedding, and we had a blast riding into DC on a bus with all sixteen of their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Time ran a little short, so we only got to stop at the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol, but it was enough for some beautiful photos! 

Their ceremony and reception was back at the Mount Vernon Inn, a venue I always look forward to shooting at for its beauty, character and, of course, delicious food. :)

Venue and Catering: Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant
Flowers: Sasi Finch
DJ: Brennan Sullivan from Bialek's Music

Monday, April 23, 2012

Erika & Jason - Ft Smallwood Park Engagement Photographer

If I had to guess, I'd say Erika and Jason are one of those couples with a zillion silly photos of themselves, but no serious ones. Juuuust a hunch. Jason kept both me and Erika laughing with his antics, but despite the goofing off, he really pulled through when I needed him to. (Don't worry, I took plenty of silly photos too.) :)

I learned that Erika and Jason met in a theater production, and their natural ability to convey emotion was crazy awesome! I barely had to give them any direction at all and I think they nailed it!