Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nova Scotia

Time for a personal post! :) I am always taking photos of something or another, but I don't always get around to sharing the non-wedding ones. But maybe you'd like to see some Canada!

Last October, right before my Iceland trip, Paul and I took a trip back to his hometown in Nova Scotia. Sadly, because there is no direct flight and it always ends up being fairly expensive, we usually only make it there once a year. This visit was particularly awesome because all the leaves were still changing color and the weather was surprisingly warm! We did a fair amount of driving around the countryside, which I loved. The small coastal towns of Nova Scotia really remind me of Annapolis and the Eastern Shore. So many boats and so much beauty!

I'm totally gonna get one of these lighthouse photos enlarged for my wall.

Paul and his mom. Don't they look just alike? :)

We are dorks.

Purportedly, this scene with the three churches in Mahone Bay is the most photographed spot in Nova Scotia.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Laura & Matt - Baltimore Federal Hill Engagement Photography

With all this cold weather we've been having, it seems only fitting to post my coldest session of the year! Laura and Matt and I met in Federal Hill for an early morning session around Baltimore. Umm, brrr. The wind was brutal but they were troopers and we had a great time. Matt's sister Becky was kind enough to come along as designated dog wrangler. I'm happy to report Champ lived up to his name! :)