Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Update on Grandma

My Grandma pulled through her surgery just fine, now boasting metal rod in her leg. Apparently she broke not only her femur, but her hip as well. The good news is she will be able to move and bend to a larger extent than we originally thought. And no cast! (I guess the rod takes care of that.) Anyway, thanks for sending your continued thoughts and prayers our direction.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
Savannah, 3, gives me a shy glance.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
Jonathan, 1, poses for the camera. Nobody arranged him in this position - he did that himself. I thought he looked like an old man in a little boy body.


Steven said...

Those are cute kids. They're your cousins right? Glad to hear grandma is going to be doing better.

trisha said...

cute kids...glad to hear your grandma made it through ok- hopefully she'll be up and runnning in no time.

Meesa said...

hey! It was such a surprise to hear from you! I haven't been able to frequent the library as much as I wish, but I'll do my best to keep it up. Take care.

Jamie Dawn said...

So glad your grandma had a better outcome that expected. Having no cast will really be so much better.
Jonathon looks like he's in charge!

Tiff said...

I was so traumatized when my grandma had a heart attack right after TIPA that I could hardly work. I'm glad yours is doing well. What would the world be like without grandmas?

Steven said...

I finally got around to making a flickr account thanks to you :-) We'll see what people think of a crazy guy with very little photographic experience clinging a Canon A95. Hehe.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Very cute kids!

Glad to hear your grandma is dong well, and continued hopes for stength and good health.

Steven said...

Check this out Emily.

Curator said...

Good to hear your Grandma is on the upswing, and that's a cute crew you have there.