Sunday, March 05, 2006

Say what?

Driving home this evening, I noticed a marquee advertising Caribbean Auto Repair.

Caribbean Auto Repair?

So I admit it. I thought about the stupid phrase for what was probably an inordinately long time. There can only be a few plausible explanations, right?

1. The people who repair the cars are Caribbean.
2. The auto repair is intented for Caribbean vehicles.
3. The auto repair is done in some unique Caribbean fashion.

Or it could just be the name of the place.

Beats me.


diseuse said...

Now, on to the meaning of life!

Rachel said...

1) Happy Birthday a couple of weeks ago! I'm sorry I missed it, I hope it was awesome.
2) I love the animal pictures! what is your favorite lens? If I were to get one, which would you recommend?