Tuesday, April 11, 2006


myheritage.com is a funny site. You can upload a photo of yourself and it compares it to over 3,000 celebrity faces and finds the one that most closely matches yours. Guess who my match was?

Judit Polgar. Who is this celebrity I resemble, you ask? Well, apparently I look like this world-famous Hungarian chess player. No joke.

This is the most attractive photo of her I could find.

The other ones were pretty scary. Okay. Really scary. I was not too flattered... thank you myheritage.com.

Please, people who know me, tell me it's not true.

My second closest celeb look-alike? Christina Aguilera.


Tammy M. said...

I think a picture of your resembling celeberity face was a pretty girl. I went on the site and the celebrity I resembled was Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's girlfriend or wife or whatever she is to him. I guess that will be the closest I ever come to the Infamous Tom Cruise. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Rachel said...

the optimist staff did one for all of them and then some of the important people at ACU. Dr. Bacon resembled Pamela Anderson, Mr. Pybus-Richard Gere, and Jonathan Smith-Shaquille O'neal...I pretty much almost died...

Hey, check your ACU mail. I'm forwarding you something if you haven't already gotten it-it's a list of TIPA awards and you got a few. Congratulations!

Jamie Kayle said...

I can honestly say I don't agree with their assessment of you...for me they said Emma Thompson with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eva Longoria tied for second. Maybe I am destined to become a desperate housewife! ha.

Dozy said...

Hi Emily,
Some of your readers have popped up on our website http://www.rootyhillchess.org where you found the picture of Judith.
Perception is a funny thing. I don't think there's a chess player in the world who would find her unattractive. Sure, she's no supermodel but she's charming.
But when she plays chess the magic she weaves on those 64 squares is beautiful indeed.
Enjoyed your blog.
David (from the Land of Oz)

Steven said...

Emily, you need not to worry. You could checkmate Judith with your great looks anyday. By the way it said I looked like David Duchavny 67% and Daniel Day-Lewis 66%. And get this I had a female celeb in the list too. Shari Arison 60%... om I really don't see any resemblance.