Monday, September 11, 2006

some recent work

coming up for air
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My friend Pam gets a little help putting on her wedding dress.

hard workin' woman
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This was one of the images I shot for a friend who wanted a portrait calendar made for her husband's birthday. She had the idea of wearing a nice dress to sit in this lovely bulldozer.

hobo jungle
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My friend Katrina, posing again for another month of the calendar. We took photos at an old abandoned factory/warehouse in Abilene, Tx referred to as "hobo jungle" because it's where the hobos like to hang. The colors on the walls were so great for taking photos.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
A nice silhouette shot of the bride and groom at their July 15 wedding in Abilene, Texas.


Justin Cook said...

love that coming up for air photo :) ABILENE 4 EVER!!!!!!@!#

Tammy M. said...

Hi Emily -
Your images are always inspiring. Thanks for you comments over on my website, I think I am going to change it up again, so check back in a week or two.