Monday, November 16, 2009

Officially Launched

Big news! Emily Chastain Photography is officially here! Woo hoo! This has been a long time in the works, but my website is finally completed. I am very happy with the finished product - it looks classy, it's easily updated, and it's quick to load. I'm all official on the business side of things, so now my next step is to advertise more. Spread the word! While this blog will remain my personal blog for now, I have renamed it, revamped it, and plan to include more Emily Chastain Photography photos and updates in the future.


Daniel said...


I am in the process of making a custom board for my first anniversary with my girlfriend. I found the template before I read your blog, though, so I'm already fairly familiar with that portion of it! However, I did have some questions concerning the template and the printing of the board.

How expensive is WHCC with printing items on boards? Is there a limit of what they will print on? I'm not familiar with that company!
Additionally, I really want to board to be able to fold, so I've been experimenting with some different materials and sticky paper. I've been wanting to put attached the board to a cut piece of cardboard, then reinforce the bottom of it with either some poster board, or heavier material. However, the problem I'm running in to is that I'm not sure what type of adhesive paper to use for the board! I guess that WHCC took care of this for you, but I really want to be able to fold it, so do you have any suggestions?

Any ideas you have would be appreciated!

Emily said...

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure your girlfriend will love this gift!

To answer your questions, WHCC is a printing company mainly for professional photographers, thus they only print photo-related products. You can't just give them an item or paper to print on. My board was just basically a large photo print that they mounted onto masonite board. Since you want yours to fold, I'd recommend just getting the large photo print made (Costco will probably even be able to do this) and buying some spray-on mounting adhesive (I think you get can it at Michaels) and adhering it to your custom piece of cardboard, or whatever you're using.

Hope that helps!

Shelley Meltzer said...

Please send me the templates. this is awesome!!!