Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Favorite Songs of 2009

As I did last year, I'm publishing my top ten favorite songs of the year. And like I also said last year, these songs did not necessarily come out in 2009 - I just listened to them. A lot. A favorite song is like a favorite book - sometimes it's good because of the content, and then sometimes it's only good because of where you are in life when you experience it.

1. "Angels On The Moon" - Thriving Ivory
2. "Something Beautiful" - Needtobreathe
3. "Read My Mind" - The Killers
4. "Run" - Snow Patrol
5. "Comfortable" - John Mayer
6. "The Cure for Pain" - Jon Foreman
7. "I Wish The Best For You" - Emerson Hart
8. "Stolen" - Dashboard Confessional
9. "Sometime Around Midnight" - The Airborne Toxic Event
10. "Jai Ho" - A. R. Rahman (thanks Slumdog Millionaire)


V.i.s.h said...

Jai Ho is good but definitely not Rahman's best. If you are interested I can point you to some really soulful renditions from this genius from Chennai, India. How do I happen to like him so much and know comparitively more about his music?, because am from Chennai, India too.

Dani said...

Excellent. Now I am listening to Jai Ho. A song that will not be stuck in my head for the rest of the night.