Monday, May 02, 2011

Arizona Trip - Part 2

Read about the first part of my trip here.

Sedona was one of my favorite places I visited. The red rocks were absolutely gorgeous, and I was so excited to get to do a little night photography. Although I love living in Annapolis, my proximity to two really big cities makes it pretty much impossible to ever see the stars. I might see a few of the bigger ones here or there, but nothing like this:

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. Here are a few shots of Sedona during the day:

Me and Knicki:

And John and Knicki:

As we waited for it to get dark, we had a little fun with the flashlight. This is for my mom, who is pretty much the only one who reads this blog anyway. :)

Pretty skies!

The next afternoon we took a helicopter ride... wait for it... OVER THE GRAND CANYON! Yes, this is an item on my bucket list, and one I am proud to cross off. :)

Hard to believe there was still snow on the ground in some places!

Maybe this is just the dorky photographer in me, but I really like this shot of our helicopter's shadow.

Back on solid ground at Grand Canyon National Park.

And off the ground again. :)

We headed back to Page to spend the night, and came across this at a "scenic viewpoint" along the way. Thought it was kinda cool how you couldn't see the canyon at all from the highway, but as soon as you start walking the path, it's right there beside you!

Next up: Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell!


Stephanie said...

helicopter ride = totally on my to-do list.

night shots of sedona = out of this world!!

Jamie Kayle said...

Hey!! I read your blog!!

I totally want to pick one of these pictures for our wall!

Alexis said...

That first shot is *gorgeous* and I love the way you played with depth of field in some of the others. I also like the jump shots. Arizona is such a gorgeous backdrop!

Emily said...

Thanks guys! :)