Monday, July 11, 2011

Jessica & Chris - Annapolis Engagement Photographer

Right away, Jessica began by informing me that she didn't really take good photos. Two hours later, I could not disagree more!

Jessica and Chris have a very natural chemistry. They spent the whole session cracking each other up. (I wish I could say they were laughing at all the funny things I said, but I don't think that was quite the case.)

We hit a few spots in downtown Annapolis, then headed over to the Naval Academy, where Chris works. I had some ideas in mind already, and Chris pointed out a few buildings I'd never been inside before. We finished up at the sea wall just in time to catch the pretty blue twilight sky.


dottie said...

I think Jessie and Chris will live happily ever after, they have that, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. look on there faces. The total package if you ask me...

Ro Day, AKA Mom said...

So true Dottie. Jessie has always said she doesn't like her photos, while her friends and family wish they could be half that photogenic. You did a great job capturing their love and happiness Emily, to treasue for ever.