Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kate & David - Baltimore Wedding Photography

Kate and David were married the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at a church in Gaithersburg. It was a small, intimate wedding with just the two of them and their pastor. Planning to spend the night in Baltimore before flying out for their honeymoon the next day, Kate asked if I would take some photos of them around the city... the Inner Harbor, Mt Vernon Square, Federal Hill, etc. I'm always so flattered in these situations because I get to be the very first person to really see and interact with the newly married couple. It's humbling for me, especially because I'd never met Kate or David in person before. And they were just so sweet - truly beautiful people on the inside and out.

But of course it began POURING on Tuesday and our outdoor session needed to quickly become an indoor one.

Here's where I have to give a huge shout-out to the folks at the 1840s Ballroom. Really awesome people. I called about three hours before we wanted to start, and they let us come in and use their facility free of charge! Amazing. I've photographed a wedding there before, but having actual time to move about and use all the different rooms was a dream come true. Check out the following photos:

From there, we moved on to the Hotel Monaco, where Kate and David planned to spend the night. It's a beautiful hotel, with a two gorgeous marble staircases, and tons of great photo ops. The Hotel Monaco and the 1840s Ballroom both have a very different feel, so I was happy to have a little variety since going outside wasn't really an option.

And finally, we did pop outside for a quick night shot in the rain. I was hoping the steam rising from the streets and the car lights would make for a really unique street shot. We didn't have much time (and it was a little tricky with traffic) but I think I made it work.


liz duren said...

Fantastic shots, ESPECIALLY the street shot!!!!

Serena said...

Gorgeous shots, Emily! I especially love that first shot with the red background and b&w tile flooring.