Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lindsay & Josh - Quiet Waters Park Family Photography

So this is another one of those sessions I shot in April and am just now getting around to blogging... But I didn't want to pass up the chance to feature a super cute doggie (oh yeah, and two awesome friends of mine.) I first met Josh and Lindsay when I started attending a weekly small group through my church in Annapolis. Who would have thought two years later they would attend my wedding AND I'd get to photograph them? I love stuff like that. But on to the important part - they have a beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix dog named Ben Olsen (yes, after the soccer player) and he has a little crush on me. And I think he's pretty hot stuff too. Check out how he smiles for his photos!!


Dani Leigh said...

Oooo 2 days in a row!! These are so cute! And I love their little furbaby!

Erika said...

These are great shots! And I always love to see fur friends!

Serena said...

Great shots, Emily! And - oh my gosh. I saw that first image, with the dog, and I immediately thought, "MAN, he is on a MISSION!" Intense. :)