Friday, December 21, 2012

Lindsay & Edward - Baltimore Engagement Photography

This session was so much fun! Edward and Lindsay had their first date the Maryland Science Center, so we started there and covered quite a bit of ground around Federal Hill and the Inner Harbor. We fought against the rain the whole time, but it ended up sprinkling only a little and left us with a pretty cool sky and clouds.

Edward has the best smile, and he uses it often. I can tell a fake smile from a real smile on most people, but with Edward I was never too sure. Either he's an awesome faker or he just real-smiled all afternoon. He has a great ability to make Lindsay laugh and I could see the two of them genuinely enjoy each other's company. Looking forward to their wedding next April!


Dani said...

Super cute!! I love the bright colors and that first one is just beautiful!!

tPoz said...

wow - that yellow wall!
what a great series of pics!!

Katie Jane said...

I love these! They're so fun and colorful!

Natalie said...

Beautiful work! Love the shot of them crossing the street - too cute!