Friday, June 28, 2013

Jaclyn & Alec - Regents' Glen Box Hill Mansion Wedding Photography

Jaclyn and Alec have that crazy movie love. You know, the kind you usually only see on screen. They are madly in love and you can tell when they look at each other, the rest of the world just fades away. That make this wedding a joy to shoot, and even though it stormed and everything was wet and hot and sticky, the smiles never left their faces. And of course, Regents' Glen was a beautiful backdrop for Jaclyn and Alec - consistently beautiful and one of my all-time favorite venues.

Cake: Lori Nelson
Catering & Venue: Regents' Glen
DJ: Titus Touch Music
Flowers: Jo Banfil
Photography: Emily Chastain Photography


Dani said...

Aww! I love the one with them on either side of the door. Looks like a super sweet couple. :-)

Brea said...

I love the purple and orange! Such an awesome color combination. As I was scrolling through their images I just kept thinking "I love happy people!" They look like the happiest bunch ever and it just makes my heart happy.

What did you do for that one black and white of them? It's super awesome but I can't tell if it's a shoot through, a double exposure, or something else?

caitlin elizabeth said...

the one of them walking off into the sunset is so sweet!

Emily said...

Brea - prism! :) My new favorite toy.

ashley barnett said...

Ohh that prism black and white shot is AMAZING! Love it!