Wednesday, May 25, 2005

And a photoblog is born...

I think I'd like to have my blog double as a photoblog (since I am a photographer). From now on, I plan to have one or two photos posted each week, just to keep me shooting and hopefully improving. Here's a photo of my friend Heather. It's a (very) low-light portrait I took at a bonfire she had at her house right before I left Abilene.


drogidy said...

What kind of camera do you use?
I like to find that out when viewing a photoblog to get some idea what the professionals use (you've got a degree in photojournalism so that makes you professional - i'm an amateur (IT degree))

I've got a fujifilm finepix S7000 (
which has a few nifty features but seems to suffer from low light and shakiness.

Good start on your blog, btw.

drogidy said...

What's a chast?

At first i thought it might be kinky (Blast from the chest..?! like that weird japanese robot) but that's probably not what you meant.

Emily said...

I use a Canon 10D (a digital SLR for which I will soon have about three interchangeable lenses). This particular picture was shot at 1600 ISO, at about f3.5 with a 1/10 handheld shutterspeed.

Anyway, "chast" is me... I was trying to use a pun with part of my last name (chastain). But nobody calls me that and I think it's lost on a lot of people. (Trust me, you're not the only one.) I just put it in as a temporary title, but it's stayed so far for lack of anything better. I'll have to come up with something else...

Thanks for your post and encouraging comments!

drogidy said...

A Canon 10D with 1600 ISO.

Not suprising the picture looks good. You can't get that with a paltry semi-slr like the S7000. Its slightly more than a point'n'click, but it has an EVF and 800 ISO max (at reduced picture size).

Its just so hard finding a decent camera with most of the features you like at a good price (sigh). If i had the dosh i'd get an SLR for the good stuff, and a point'n'click which fits in the pocket for outings.

Anyway, good work. Your friend almost looks like a Jedi padawan brewing over the pyre of their former master.
Looking forward to future pics. :)

Anonymous said...

I think she looks like Jar Jar Binks on ?