Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So I was listening to Damien Rice's song, Lonelily, and thinking about how strange it is the English language doesn't haven't an adverb for lonely. I guess he did the next best thing and invented one - lonelily. It still sounds strange, even in a song, but it fits. I'm lonelily sitting here now, for example, and I've been lonelily waiting for my new camera lenses to arrive for days now.

Funny story, that. Frustrating would probably be the more appropriate word, however. I ordered 2 brand spankin' new camera lenses from a camera place on the Internet LAST WEEK so that I could have them in time for our family trip next week. Waiting in greedy anticipation, I've been feverishly checking the mail everyday since last Wednesday until I finally got smart and decided to look on the tracking information included in my confirmation email. Apparently my box of camera stuff was sitting around in Johnson City for 2 days before the US Post Office generously returned it to the sender since the morons who processed my order copied my shipping address over incorrectly. AHHHHHH... now I have to wait for it to return to New York and then come BACK to Johnson City to what will hopefully be my correct address. Even more frustrating? The customer service representative had the nerve to tell me this was MY fault after I asked if I could still get it before next Monday. Which I can't, of course. Patience is a virtue, and one I'm quickly losing.