Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 1 - June 28

Day 1
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Today was a tad stressful for me, so I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to finding something interesting to take pictures of. BUT, I am committed to this project for a month, and I figured I sure can't quit on the first day. After all, I have at least one reader to hold me accountable. Thanks Jamie!

So I was driving around, trying to wind down from a hectic day, and it started raining. The neat part about it, though, was that the sun was still shining off in the distance. I came across an empty gravel lot where a large pool of water had collected. I parked my car and sat there for a few minutes, just staring at the rain dripping into this oddly beautiful puddle. What a great reminder - to see that beautiful things can come from a nasty gravel puddle on a rainy day.


C Bonney said...

Moments of zen everywhere if you just calm down and look.

Have enjoyed your photographs at Flickr immensely. So don't feel like you're toiling in the dark. Sounds like you might be struggling to find your voice and the right medium for it. Keep at it, and be open to the unexpected. It sounds corny, but life is about the journey.

Steven said...

Great idea! Keep it up. Great photo too.