Thursday, June 28, 2007

Photo Project: Rules and Goals

Wow, so I've been looking back over some of my previous posts from, well, almost two years ago now. I've noted the steady decline in my readers, the clear decline in my quality, and the obvious decline in my posts. What conclusions am I left with? I have been a horrible blogger. I have no hope in trying to regain my once-loyal fan base, but I do have hope for the future of my blog.

Along with the installation of my new cable Internet, I also acquired a few new ideas. One of which is a 30-day photo project, creatively titled "My Photo of the Day" project.

I hereby pledge to take (AND post!) at least one photo a day for the next 30 days. Here are my rules:

1. I can use any sort of camera, any sort of lens.
2. While I do have to take a picture every day, I don't have to post once a day, although that would be ideal. (This rule was constructed with my upcoming trip next week in mind.)
3. I am not allowed to post two too-similar pictures, even if they were taken on different days.
4. I am allowed 3 mulligans - or exemptions - from 3 days during the month if something unforeseen comes up. I will do everything in my power not to use them.
5. Begin date: June 28. End date: July 27. Exactly 30 days.

Here are my goals for this project:

1. To discipline myself to be constantly searching for photos and photographic opportunities.
2. To stretch myself by meeting new people and venturing outside of my comfort zone.
3. To become in touch again with the thing that I love, photography - not bogged down by everyday chores and routine.
4. To find the extraordinary in my ordinary life.
5. To generate new ideas and further develop my creativity.


Jamie Kayle said...

I about fell off my chair when I saw you had - WHAT - posted on your, yes that's right, BLOG! yay! =) I think that's a good goal - go Em! I'm excited to see you this weekend too!!!

Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Excellent idea. I've seen people doing this "365" project, but the photos are often of them brushing their teeth, or mowing the lawn. I think yours sounds more realistic, and the pressure of only having to do this for 30 days, not an entire year, must surely make it a little easier to be creative. Good luck, I'll enjoy watching the show.

stacie said...

I attempted to do this once; it lasted about a week before I ran out of things to take pictures of. I hope you have better luck. And you'll have somewhere cool to take pictures of next week!

Charlie said...

You are my hero, Emily Chastain.

Martha said...

Keep going...I found you through flickr, and your pictures rock,