Thursday, February 21, 2008

an observation

Tonight I realized I am getting old.

I consciously planned my grocery store trip around watching Jeopardy.


Steven said...

lol Shoot! I do that too and I haven't even given it a second thought that it makes me old : ) I personally do it because I really am procrastinating about going to the grocery store. AND there is NOTHING old about Jeopardy. I love that show! I could see if you were watching an old persons' show but I wouldn't classify Jeopardy in that category (I watched it all the time as a kid). If it helps at all, start watching a cartoon and plan your grocery trips around it. That's all folks!

stacie said...

welcome to Olddom. at least you didn't plan around Wheel. :)

John Pierce said...

Heck, pretty soon you'll be empathizing with the Golden Girls.