Sunday, March 30, 2008

baby steps

Well I'm back after a long weekend in Charlotte, NC, for the Southern Short Course. My feelings are mixed. I am inspired and I am depressed. I saw so many phenomenal images and met so many accomplished photographers... it was kinda like a hot poker being stuck up my butt. "Get off your ass Emily and do something!" On the other hand, I am daunted by the knowledge that I have so far to go. And I'm 25. I always thought I'd be well into my perfect job and perfect life right now but I still feel caught in transition. I'm standing at the subway station of life watching the cars whiz by and I know I want to be on one but I can't seem to get off the platform. It's not bad, on the platform, but I can't wait there forever.


GKB said...

How would you rate your experience with the short course? Worth the money? Did you learn anything valuable, or was it a good place to make contacts? Recommended?