Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Forgetting a Friend (rough draft)

I've mostly forgotten your favorite author Tom Robbins
and the winning word in our Scrabble game.
You said you were different
but you left me the same.

The lines of you soften from blue into gray
blurring your face in my fading memory.
I cared but it wasn't enough
and you only noted my apathy.

I'll forget your middle name first and your first name last
and the things you told me names meant.
We were friends only in name
that much is apparent.


Life as a King said...

Wow! Really good. Who is this about? I hope its not about me. I mean I know its been awhile since we've really been able to hang out but I still consider you one of my bestest of friends:)

Shelly said...

Hi Emily -
Intense poem . . . tell it like it is.

I found you on Flickr and was hoping I may use your goat picture for a post on my blog.
You'd have to read it to understand what this crazy request is about.
I am sending you an e-mail on Flickr, too.


StephenElliot said...

Man! That's good stuff! ...well, not really, but you get what I mean. Sounds like it's written from personal experience, and that blows.

Anyway, thanks for writing something profound in your (presumed) frustration. Keep up the good work!