Friday, January 02, 2009

My Top 15 Favorite Songs of 2008

Now, just because I write Top 15 Songs of 2008 does not mean these songs came out in 2008. These are just the songs I've listened to pretty much nonstop this year.

1. "The Reasons" - The Weakerthans
2. "Falling Slowly" - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
3. "Alabaster" - Ricky Votolato
4. "Bleeding Heart Show" - The New Pornographers
5. "Fourth of July" - Shooter Jennings
6. "Motorcycle Drive By" - Third Eye Blind
7. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" - Death Cab for Cutie
8. "Neon Bible" - Arcade Fire
9. "Stick Around" - Reckless Kelly
10. "Break Me Out" - The Rescues
11. "She Is My Everything" - John Prine
12. "Banditos" - The Refreshments
13. "Hear You Me" - Jimmy Eat World
14. "Tell Me A Lie" - Griffin House
15. "Love and Some Verses" - Iron & Wine

It's kind of funny... my brother has this long-standing theory: Bands that start their name with "The" are automatically awful. His four exceptions to the rule are The Beatles, The Who, The Eagles, and The Rolling Stones. An iffy fifth - The Black Crowes. Clearly we have different tastes in music. Four of the bands on my list start with "The". Any other opinions on this matter?


Anonymous said...

Ah, now I see why you're arguing the merits of various Weakenthans songs. I will resist the temptation to argue Refreshments songs with you, though I do think it's funny that you have as many Phoenicians as I do on your mix (Shooter, Jimmy, Refreshments).

John Pierce said...

The Killers, The Band, The Pixies, The Shins, The Strokes, The White Stripes.....

There is ample evidence that your brother's wrong, I'm afraid. Younger siblings usually are.

I like your list by the way--especially the Hansard/Irglova, Reckless Kelly, and John Prine songs. I didn't know anyone else had ever heard of Prine. You'll have to start listening to Lyle Lovett sometime, I guess.

Emily said...

@Anonymous: Yeah your list might have inspired me to make my own. I do love the Weakerthans (both songs).

@John: Yep, my brother hates all of those... go figure.

And John Prine is awesome!! Just discovered him this year. If you've known for so long, you could have at least clued me in! I do have a little Lyle Lovett on my iTunes too, not gonna lie. :-)

stacie said...

I love Number 2. Did I tell you we saw them this fall? Amazing show.

Dani said...

I'm pretty sure we could have been friends in 2008.