Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shannon & Dan - Bel Air Engagement Photography

I've been pretty busy lately with engagement sessions, which is awesome! I love love love doing engagement photos - it's such a great opportunity to get to know the couple in a relaxed, no-pressure setting, and I can also get a feeling for how they interact with one another, and with me! When the wedding day comes, it's like "been there, done that" with the photos - everything flows so much more smoothly.

Shannon and Dan are one of those couples who are so good together, being natural in front of the camera comes, well, naturally. (At least, if it wasn't, they did a great job of pretending!) I liked them from the moment we met back in April - I got the impression that they were easy-going, fun-spirited people, and their engagement session proved me right.

We used the beautiful Liriodendron Manson grounds in Bel Air for a backdrop, and then headed over to a nearby tunnel at Dan's suggestion. As a passing biker referred to it: "the tunnel of love." Haha.