Monday, August 09, 2010

Jessica & Chris - Annapolis Engagement Photography

I shot Chris and Jessica's engagement photos in downtown Annapolis a few weeks ago. That's right, finally - a session in the city I live in! I've been dying to do portraits in Annapolis ever since I moved here a year ago, and Chris and Jessica said they'd willingly be my guinea pigs. I think Annapolis is incredibly beautiful with all the water, boats, and old buildings, so I definitely wanted some of that to shine through in the photos. It was a hot day for portraits (haven't they all been!) but we struggled through the heat and humidity and were finally rewarded with a little thunderstorm to cool things off. We jumped under a covered porch to wait it out, and sure enough, not 15 minutes later, the sun shone through and we were back in business! I love the photo I got from that - all the light is reflecting on the wet road and everything appears so warm and golden. Awesome!


Rox said...

sweet pics! love the last 3 especially!