Thursday, September 23, 2010

Krystle & John - Herrington Harbour Wedding Photography

Poor Krystle and John. I've hardly seen a couple with worse wedding-day luck. Not only did it rain pretty much the whole entire day of their wedding, there was a huge accident on Rte. 2 that prevented about 20 guests from being able to attend the ceremony.

The good news? They still got married!

Herrington Harbour is a gorgeous outdoor venue on the Chesapeake Bay, so we made sure to get plenty of photos with boats and water in the background (we just had to be under awnings and covered patios!). I really appreciated Krystle's attitude and willingness to get a little wet for the sake of a photo.

Okay, "little wet" might be an exaggeration. I'm pretty sure she was soaked before the ceremony began!

Huge thanks to Stephen Elliot of Mud Productions for doing an awesome job (as usual) as a second photographer. The following three images are his.