Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feel the Fever

One of my more entertaining sessions to date was photographing the Potomac Fever guys. They had me cracking up the entire time!

Potomac Fever is a smaller a capella ensemble group within GMCW. Matt, a member, was my connection to the group (remember Kyle and Matt?) and I was flattered that he thought of me for this job. Unable to coordinate a convenient day for everyone to meet up, I came instead to Ashby Ponds to photograph the group prior to their concert there. I wasn't sure what I'd have to work with, but as it turned out, there was plenty!

My favorite moment of the day happened as we were all walking to the lake at the front of the property... I was leading the way and all twelve guys were trailing behind me, and this cute old lady said, "Well you must be something special - I've never seen so many men all following one girl!" Haha.