Monday, March 14, 2011

Photographing Ghosts

Okay, so the title might be a little misleading... these ghosts were, in fact, man-made. But scary nonetheless!

Let me start at the beginning. When fellow photographer Mike Busada (Mike B Photography) asked if I wanted to tag along to a haunted ghost tours photo shoot he had lined up at the Paca house in Annapolis, I jumped at the opportunity! Mike's work is awesome (seriously, check it out!) and I was excited to shoot alongside him and steal his techniques see how he does it. :)

I was happy to bring a few ideas of my own to the shoot, and all in all I think we nailed it! I can definitely think of about five ways I would do things differently (and better!) if I had it to do over, but I still got a few frames I'm proud of. I had it in my head I wanted to use a green gel (don't ask me why, it just seemed "spooky") so that was fun to play around with. The benefit of shooting without getting paid is that you can't do anything wrong!

Can you spot the ghosts? They made two appearances in the following photos. 


Jacob said...

Rachel and I went on one of the Annapolis ghost tours last Halloween. We felt a little silly doing something touristy having both grown up in the Annapolis area but really enjoyed it. Those pictures are great!

Jake Greene

Emily said...

I think that's awesome! Shooting these photos made me want to take the tour, but you've now inspired me to actually do it!