Tuesday, June 28, 2005

At the Pool

I've been working on a photo essay for the paper called "Pool Daze." Here's a preview of a few of the images.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
A silhouette goes sliding down the tube at the Westover pool in Harrisonburg, VA.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
Maggie, 1, gives the camera a cute baby face while perched at the edge of the kiddie pool.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
A pair of feet emerge from the end of a long tube slide at the Westover pool in Harrisonburg, VA. Please tell me how much you like this photo because I really do. :-)


Diseuse said...

Maggie looks like she is mere moments from falling in.

Jaci said...

I think you are a brilliant photographer

John said...

I love the photos, particularly the feet one. I fully expect you to win the Pool-itzer Prize this year.

(Sorry for the terrible pun, but I couldn't resist. I'm sure you'll understand.)

Lauren said...

I Love your shots as well. I'm thinking about going into photojournalism as well... I'm quite sorry to hear that there aren't many openings in the field. But seriously Emily, these shots are fantastic.

Steven said...

Those people blast out of those tubes. You would really have to be quick on the clicker to get a shot like that.

Rachel said...

Maggie looks like a picture off Getty images. You're amazing.