Monday, June 13, 2005

Back Again...

I'm back, safe and sound, from this weekend's family reunion. I had a few pleasant surprises awaiting me, including my two new lenses (yay!) and the news that my skin biopsy was not cancerous (another yay!). Just some weird skin thing that confused my dermatologist.

The reunion this weekend was nice. My mom's side of the family is a bit more exciting than my dad's - not to mention much, much, much LARGER. About 30 relatives came, and we stayed in two cabins at a campground in Ohio called Top O' the Caves. While the sleeping accomodations left a little to be desired (tiny double beds with campfire scented sheets), the rest of the cabin was pretty nice. It's always so interesting to me to see how different all of the families can be coming from the same set of parents (my grandma and grandpa). My grandparents are Mennonites, a religion with values and a lifestyle vaguely akin to the Amish, but not nearly as strict. They raised seven children on a farm in Pennsylvania, and taught them all the importance of God and hard work. Now, within the seven kids and their families, we unite with everything from Mennonites to Baptists to non-denominational worshippers everywhere from Ohio to Pennsylvania to Tennessee. So it's fun when we all get together to watch the interactions. And not always just fun, but funny as well. For example, the other major group sharing the campground with us this was a huge Harley motorcycle gang. Mennonites and bikers, now that's a interesting combination.

The area around the park/campground was just beautiful. We hiked nearly all day Saturday, and I saw at least 3 waterfalls and probably almost as many caves. I'll have those pictures to share with you soon, hopefully. Don't be misled though: the waterfall pictures on this post are from the previous trip I took last week. (Yes, yes, confusing I know, but I'm done with all this vacationing now I promise.) I'm sore, not only from the hiking, but from the air hockey as well. Add up the total number of times I've played in my life and it still doesn't quite equal the number of games I played this weekend. To give you an idea, I used nearly an entire roll of quarters (at 50 cents a game) and I only paid for half. If only my skill had increased at the rate my quarters decreased...

Now, for the last installment of the cruise trip photos:

Tullis-Toledano Manor
Originally uploaded by emster214.
This is a view from the stairs of an old historical manor built in 1856 in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was given as a wedding present to this girl by her husband... a nice gift I suppose, but I wouldn't want it. The only stairs up to the second floor were outside of the house!

Originally uploaded by emster214.
We passed this South Carolina waterfall on our way back to Tennessee. I was driving, so with driver's privilege I stopped the car and shot some photos. One of the only perks of driving with my family...

waterfall close-up
Originally uploaded by emster214.
The same waterfall, but a slightly different shot. I had no tripod with me, so it was quite a challenge to hand-hold the camera for the long exposures I needed.


Kitten said...

Glad you had fun on you trip. I agree, bikers and Mennonites does sound like an....interesting combination.

I bumped into your site while blog hopping, and I'm glad I did. Your stuff is a lot of fun to read, not to mention that you're a great photographer. I look forward to reading your future updates!

Rachel said...

emily, I'm so excited you're photoblogging!!! I totally have yet to start my problems. anyway, you always take what is ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary, like the stairs picture. i love that about your pictures.

Thanks for sending me a message, we'll definitely keep intouch, aren't blogs great? I'm becoming more of a blogger so here's my regular blog:
when I think of a cooler address, i'll change it... good luck with your internship, blog often so I can hear about it. and i'm starting my photoblog...soon...=) be blessed.

Jamie Dawn said...

My post for tomorrow is going to talk about the Hutterites in South Dakota. They are very Amish like. It's quite a coincidence that you wrote about Menninites today just as I was thinking about writing about the Hutterites.
Where in S. Carolina did you get that pic? I am familiar with S. Carolina and was just wondering.

Steven said...

I absolutely love waterfalls. Back in Colorado there was a place I always used to trek to from my house. It was especially spectacular in the winter because it would freeze. Ice waterfalls were so amazing to me as a child and they still fascinate me. Great capture and great eye to see your waterfall from the road.

Emily said...

Thanks again, as always to all you folks who actually readmy blog!

Jamie Dawn, I'm not sure exactly, but the waterfall was not too far outside of Wahalla, S.C. (I think that's how you spell it.) Pretty close to the N.C. border.

Tiffany W. said...