Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Photos in Progress

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Alright, well I set up a Flikr account to post my pics that way. So I'll be giving you a little photo scrapbook of my trip over the next few days if you can bear with me as I get my act together. I spotted these motorcycles leaning against the sides of old buildings through the metal gate I passed in Cozumel. You can click on the photos for an enlarged view.

ISO 200 f/22 at 1/45

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This was a doorway I walked past while ambling through the streets of Cozumel. I'm a fan of the colors and the texture. That was one of the best things about Mexico, for me. All of the color.

ISO 100 f/16 at 1/45

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This pair of dancers put on quite a show at the restaurant in Cozumel where we ate lunch. This guy is the same dude who dragged me out to "dance" with him. Those quote marks around "dance" are purposeful, mind you. (See previous post.)

ISO 800 f/13 at 1/45

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I like the photo, I think, but I would like it a lot better if the wooden handrail didn't cut through the center. It is just me or does it bother anyone else?

ISO800 f/8 at 1/45


Jamie Dawn said...

Love these pics! Thanks for sharing.