Sunday, September 11, 2005

Git 'Er Done

Alright, well I went to two local fairs a few weeks ago, and never got to post all the pictures I intended to. I've been trying to decide how in the world to describe my first county fair without making it seem horribly country and redneck, but I've just given up. It was horribly country and redneck, no matter how you look at it. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind - it was just a different experience for me. A brief example....

After taking some man's picture, I asked him what his name was. The first name - James - I didn't have too much trouble with, but the last name was a different story.

"And your last name, please?" I said.

"Heel," said James.

"Oh, heel, like the part of my foot," I said, scribbling on my notepad.

"No, it's Heel."

"Uhhh, well how do you spell it?" I asked, puzzled.


At this point we didn't really know what to say to each other, so I just said thanks and left as quickly as possible. How do you apologize for speaking English and yet completely misunderstanding a fellow American? I'm just glad his first name wasn't Will, because I'd have written "wheel".

Anyway, after shooting a few photos, I noticed my stomach growling at me a bit, and went to find some food. There were a few funnel cake and cotton candy booths, but nothing screamed meat like the fried chicken building. Okay, well it seemed like a building at least, compared to the other small kiosks. Fried chicken and french fries.... yummm.... Now I grew up Southern Baptist, and there's something to be said about Baptists and fried chicken on Sundays. It never fails - if a Baptist is having a church luncheon, I guarantee you they're serving fried chicken. The point of all this is, I tend to like fried chicken and tend to blame it on being Baptist. So I waited for my chicken, and when the man serving handed me the plate, he said,

"There you go, sugar. We gave you an extra piece of chicken because you looked hungry."

Excuse me? Now I could bet my camera on the fact that they didn't give the fat guy in line behind me one less piece of chicken because he looked full. Why is it that people feel personally responsible for fattening me up just because I'm a little on the slender side? People don't think twice before making remarks about my weight (or lack thereof) but I know they aren't commenting on overweight people to their faces. So what makes them think they can do it to me? I've been blessed with good skinny genes, and sometimes find it a bit offensive when people snidely point it out to me. Alright, that's my gripe for the day. I'll let it go now.

Here are some of the pictures from the fair.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
Maynard pauses for a portrait at his booth at the Bergton Fair in western Virginia.

walking through the fair
Originally uploaded by emster214.
A silhouetted figure strolls past the caramel apples and sno-cones booth at the Bergton Fair in western Virginia.

Originally uploaded by emster214.
This guy, Shawn, was working one of the rides at the fair. I like the photo because the background tells so much about his job. I wonder, however, are the bright colors and cartoon too distracting to the portrait?

small, medium, large
Originally uploaded by emster214.
Livestock on display at the Rockingham County fairgrounds


Jamie Dawn said...

Don't you just LUV that country talkin'?
My great-aunt in southern MO calls me J-eye-mee
Hoe-one, which stands for Jamie hon.
It takes some work to hold a conversation. You've got to be a good listener, but it's "steel" hard.
Love the pics, as usual. I suddenly have a craving for a candied apple.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the background is too distracting at all.


Lisa-Lou said...

I can't believe that you had fried chicken without me!! Hmm.. meet up to your standards?

Thanks for giving me the shaft on your links list sister-friend!

Ben said...

Great story and photos. I think the bright colors give a great sense of the fair atmosphere. They are all very good, but my favorite is "walking through the fair." May I ask what lens you shot this with? I'm headed for my first state fair (Texas) next month and wondering what to take for low light situations like this.


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

I think all county foirs are redneck ville but they are so mucjh fun

void said...

Whoa, Emily. I love your site(s) and photos. I stopped over from Jamie Dawn's blog.

lol at the "Heel" story. I'll be back and get you blogrolled.

Emily said...

Thanks guys, for all your comments.

Ben, if I remember correctly, I shot that photo with a 22-55mm/2.8 lens. I was shooting ISO 800, and just exposed for the neon lights of the booth in the background. Good luck at the state fair.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
Loved your description of the Bergton Fair. I grew up as a child going to the fair every year. I married a girl from Annandale Virginia (city slicker) and took her to the fair and her impression was pretty much the same as yours. She also marveled at the lack of dental hygiene which I am sure you also noticed. Don't you just love that chicken from the chicken shack. Eat the fried country ham sandwich next time. Oh how about a coffee table book with nothing but pictures from fairs from all over the country. Country fairs are disappearing, just like the drive in theatres. You would be making a record for posterity. Good luck on a job.