Saturday, September 17, 2005

me, as a wedding photographer

For those of you who don't know, I'm working at a photography studio here in Harrisonburg. I've had the opportunity now to help them shoot a couple of weddings, and I wanted to post a few of the pictures I came up with. (My job as a photographer at these weddings is to capture the more candid, unposed moments everyone else might overlook.)

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A bridesmaid waits at the window for the wedding guests to arrive at the reception.

disco ball
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A boy stands and watches the disco ball at a wedding reception in Weyer's Cave, Virginia.

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The bride's bouquet from a wedding I helped shoot this weekend.

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A candle burns in the foreground as the bride visits tables at her reception in Weyer's Cave, VA.


void said...

These are fantastic!

Steven said...

I like the unposed pictures much more, for they capture the spirit of the moment. Fantastic captures. You really have the eye to see them. Posed pictures always look posed to me, plus at the wedding I've been in, I got sick of smiling.

Steven said...

Actually now that I see that picture of the candle at a smaller size it looks great just the way it is. Since it is blurry it is better viewed from further away because everything blends together well. It would be hard to crop upright anyway because of how the bride is situated. I think I would leave it alone.

Jamie Dawn said...

The disco ball one is both retro looking and space-agey. Very cool!
I hope you are really enjoying using your talent.

TheMartins said...

Those are AWMZING pictures! It would have been great if you lived here in AZ almost 2 years ago for my wedding! I would have hired you! Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

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