Thursday, September 08, 2005

she sells no seashells on the gulf coast seashore

seashell church
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This church, right along the beach in Biloxi, MS, was one I visited in June. Now, it has been pretty much destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I saw a shot of it on the news the other day. The church, St. Michael's, was shaped like a seashell, and each stained glass window represented a fisherman or an aspect of the sea.

I've been a bad blogger lately. Shame on me. This is just a short update to let everyone know my grandparents are okay. It took them four days to realize they couldn't live very long without electricity or running water, and so they left for my parent's house in Tennessee. My uncle, out at sea with his job, returned to find that his entire apartment complex had flat-out disappeared. He is staying at my grandparent's house now, sweating out the 90-degree days and hoping the power will soon be restored.

Hurricanes suck.


Steven said...

Hurricanes are terrible and your title twisted the tongue. You have much to be thankful for that your grandparents are ok.

Here's a Haiku I thought was particulary good from someone effected by the hurricane:

When my house blew down
There was nothing left to see
but the rising sun

Diseuse said...

I like the haiku.

I am so glad your grandparents and uncle are okay, even if their stuff is not. I can't believe they rode out the storm and stayed as long as they did.

Book club? Seriously? *laughs* I love you.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a gorgeous church. What a great loss.
I'm so glad your family members are okay.
I'm sure your granparents have a lot to tell. That was such a devastating storm.

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