Monday, May 31, 2010

Kristen & John - Overhills Mansion Wedding Photography

I think it was last November or December when Kristen and her mom contacted me about shooting Kristen's May wedding. I remember it quite clearly because it was one of the first meetings I had after deciding to actually put some money into advertising and marketing my business. Up until that point, I was relying on word of mouth (a great technique, but not so effective when you have just moved to a new city). They commented repeatedly about the impression my photos left, saying how striking and different they were from everyone else's. I can't tell you how encouraging that was! As a photographer, I constantly struggle with questioning my own abilities as they stack up against others. And it's always been my goal to strive for a little uniqueness in my photos, so it was definitely a well-placed comment at a much-needed time for me. Kristen and her mother earned a special place in my heart after that meeting, so by the time the wedding rolled around, I was pretty excited!

Also, a big thanks to Odil Ruzaliev for helping me out as a second photographer. He was so generous with his time and I'm super impressed with the images he got!

It's hard to tell the story of a wedding day in ten photos, but here ya go: