Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everybody was Segway Riding... (set to the tune of "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting")

One thing that's been on my bucket list is riding a Segway. I don't know why, they've just always intrigued me. So when the Groupon of the day was for Segzone in Annapolis, I was pretty pumped! I thought Paul would go, but he chickened out (claiming he didn't want to get run over by a car - pshhh!) so Jamie happily joined me instead.

Not gonna lie, this is likely the nerdiest thing I've ever done. (It's just the helmet, really. It's impossible to look cool in a helmet unless you're riding a Harley.) But it was super fun!

So I've crossed one thing off my bucket list and added another: Own a Segway. One of these days...


Jamie Kayle said...

Hahaha...I was laughing after just reading the title! Maybe sometime they'll have a Groupon for the DC Segway tours and we can do it again!