Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Shooting!

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to work with Stephanie of Stephanie Miller Photography as a second photographer. Aside from being a cool person and fun to hang out with, Stephanie is also a great photographer! We probably had more fun than we should have "working" at this wedding. :)

Anyway, the best part about being a second photographer is getting to experiment with new ideas and creative angles without the pressure of having to get "the shot." That was Stephanie's job so I kicked back and tried to think a little outside the box.

I was extra excited to hear we would be going on the groom's boat to do a few shots. Finally! A year in Annapolis and I get to be on a boat!


I ended up shooting from the dock while Stephanie climbed into the boat. And I mean into. Check out this photo:

Here's some other boat stuff I grabbed:

The ceremony was at the awesome St. Mary's church in downtown Annapolis. I like how you can see all the guests' faces turning toward the bride in this one:

And occasionally at weddings I find stuff other than people in love: