Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sheri & Jerry - Catherine Marie Boat Cruise Wedding Photography

Sheri and Jerry (I just like saying that because it rhymes) are such a sweet couple! They had their wedding aboard the Catherine Marie boat as it cruised around the South River and Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, it rained all day, so the ceremony happened on the lower deck and not up top like they had hoped. But the skies cleared up just in time to allow for one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen at a wedding! It just kept getting better and better; I'd take a couple of photos and think we were done, then the sky would change colors again. It was awesome.


 Jerry and Sheri's "guest book" was this awesome wood sign both families created together. They plan on hanging it in their house. What a great idea!

This is Thomas Point Lighthouse, a cool-looking lighthouse just outside of Annapolis. You can really only see it from the water.

Jerry's daughters sang (in their cowboy boots) a boisterous rendition of Garth Brooks' "You've Got Friends in Low Places" for the bride and groom.

The cake was an awesome creation by Loretta Faulkner


Katie said...

iknow there has to be more! lol i wanna see em and i dont know how to work this site. haha. (Katie- one of the daughters)

Emily said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for stopping by! Sheri has the link to all the photos, so check with her for that. (I can't give it out without her permission.) They're on a different site in a different gallery - all 378 of them!