Monday, February 14, 2011

Meg & Will - Mount Vernon Inn Wedding Photography

Happy Valentine's Day! What better way to celebrate than to look at photos of people in love? :)

Meg and Will's wedding was, in a word, awesome! What I witnessed at their wedding was a huge outpouring of love and warm wishes - I don't think this couple could make enemies if they tried! I left the day secretly wanting to be best friends with Meg and Will.

Meg's mom called me the Monday after the wedding and left the nicest voice mail I've probably ever received. It was so encouraging I still have it saved in my phone to replay whenever I'm feeling down. Ha ha!

We started the day at Meg's parents house in Clifton, VA.

Then we all headed over to St. Leo the Great for the ceremony. I love this shot below that my awesome second photographer for the day Stephen captured:

We had extra time between the ceremony and reception (when does that ever happen?) so Meg and Will proposed we go to downtown Fairfax for some shots (an idea I loved.) But MAN it was cold. Major props to Meg for braving all that without even a coat.

These next two are another couple of gems from Stephen:

When we arrived at the Mount Vernon Inn, I was blown the away! I'd been there before, but never viewed it through reception-venue goggles. All the charm and character made it a perfect choice for Meg and Will, who (as you now know) are quite charming themselves.

Possibly my favorite photo of the day:

And these are Stephen's:

Though they seemed a little shy at first, Meg and Will definitely cut loose at the reception. Who knew these guys were such awesome dancers? There were times when I felt like I was watching a movie, they were so graceful and accomplished. Another great shot by Stephen (and then all the rest are mine):