Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 21

Day 21
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Just driving around, looking for my photo as usual, and I happened upon this. The perfect fence for photographing at night with my lensbaby.

What I find amazing about this photo is that I didn't saturate it at all. I swear. Not a bit. The only photoshop tweaking I did was to adjust the levels and add a slight vignette.

A brief mid-project evaluation: Not to brag, but I am very pleased with my performance so far. I have only skipped ONE day so far, and I feel much closer to accomplishing my goals. I can't say I've shot anything extraordinary from this project, but I can say that I've shot some great things I would never have found otherwise. Bringing my camera everywhere with me is (slowly) becoming more of a habit. I feel (strangely) more self-satisfied when I am shooting things on a regular basis. And I certainly feel more accountable to this project due to my (very few) blog readers. If I take a crappy photo, I am ashamed to post it, and continually search for something to impress. I guess popular opinion is a good incentive for me after all. :-)