Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 27

Day 27
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I ate at Cracker Barrel tonight, which was nice for something different. (I don't go there too terribly often.) But they have these addicting little games on the tables you can play with while you wait. I finally solved this one... after about 15 tries.... yikes...

I'm almost a bit sad to say my photo project is nearing an end. I have three days left in my designated thirty, and I must say, I've been quite impressed with the response. I went from having about zero people reading my blog on a regular basis to having close to four. Maybe. That's a generous estimate. :-) It's got me thinking about other possible photo projects I can undertake for next month. Maybe.

Any ideas??


Steven said...

You could go with a month long theme project. Like all shots of nature or animals. That would push you hard towards the end to try and keep each photo unique and interesting. Or maybe of one subject. I'm always impressed by the 36 views of Mount Fuji. The mountain isn't always the focus but yet it makes an entrance in each picture and together they make quite an impact.