Sunday, July 01, 2007

Day 3

Day 3
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I visited my friend in D.C. this weekend, and we managed to make it up to Baltimore on Saturday. This image was taken from the top of the World Trade Center Observation Tower in Baltimore, cropped considerably, and rotated 180 degrees to make the shadows right-side up. My idea for this shot was inspired by Vince Laforet's spectacular ice skating image which completely blows mine out of the water. Of course, he gets to use a helicopter, whereas I have to make do with an all-enclosed observation tower. The complaint I have about my own photo is that I only brought my 50mm lens and my fish-eye with me, so I had to take this photo much farther away than I wanted. I'm afraid I lose a good deal of sharpness and resolution with the severe cropping. But now I guess I'll know what to do differently for next time.


Steven said...

Wow that's cool. The ice skaters are interesting too because they are more in motion. The one holding their leg up cracks me up. However, I like ours too because you have more people and it just is a neat shot.