Saturday, July 02, 2005

Attack of the Napkin Nazi

I realize I've been unusually wordy these past few days, but I will indulge the photo-side of me again soon I promise. Just let me tell another story.

Today I drove back from VA to TN to attend a wedding this weekend. The only important part of this interesting tidbit is that it led me to stop at Dairy Queen for lunch. Dairy Queen for me is road-trip food. Hot Eats, Cool Treats you know what they say...

Anyway, so I went inside and ordered a burger, fries, and a Blizzard. You can't eat at Dairy Queen without a Blizzard, trust me. All of this was fine and normal until I sat down at a table and began eating. I made it perhaps 3 bites into my cheeseburger with one measly pickle when an elderly lady waiting for her food ambled over to an empty booth by way of my table. Mid-stride, she snatched my single extra napkin OFF THE TRAY IN FRONT OF ME!!

"I just need a napkin," she explained apologetically, and proceeded to sit down at a nearby booth.

WHAT!?! This is a seemingly nice old lady, no doubt someone's grandmother, swiping a clearly-going-to-be-used napkin at Dairy Queen from a stranger. Who does that?

It was so bizarre, I just stopped chewing and let her take it. Not that I had much choice, but I certainly didn't put up a fight. (From the needy-napkin look in her eye, she probably would've won.)

But she had to have seen me since she spoke directly to me. Granted, I am a rather thin individual and I don't take up much space, but I'm pretty sure I was planning on spilling enough ketchup on enough body parts to warrant a second napkin. I had two napkins, mind you, one on my lap and one on the table. Not an excessively wasteful stack, just two.

She was an older lady, but quite capable enough to walk the extra 5 feet (yes, 5 feet I tell you!) to the counter where containters full of napkins sat just waiting to give, give, give. Heck, she could have asked me to retrieve them for her. But stealing ONE? Unheard of.


Steven said...

Hahaha~ I have a friend from Australia and they call napkins 'servettes' (serve E ett).