Monday, July 11, 2005

A long lost photo from last week

Originally uploaded by emster214.
Here's "Doc. McConnell," a medicine man I met last weekend at the fair/festival I went to while at home. There were quite a few re-enactments and people dressed up and such, and ol' Doc here was my favorite.


Diseuse said...

okay, a real medicine man or a licensed physician? i don't know if i'd trust a "medicine man."

Emily said...

uhh, neither I think. he was a reenactor - sorry, I didn't make that very clear.

Side note: How come reenactor isn't in the dictionary on Microsoft Word, but reenacted and reenact are? It's a funny looking word... maybe I'm spelling it wrong. Re-enactor, perhaps??

Jamie Dawn said...

Love this photo! I can see why he was your favorite.
I'm always intrigued by pics of people. There's so much to see in the human face.