Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Got Skills

Since this blog is mine, and it's about me, I thought I'd use this post to brag on myself a little bit. This is not something I like to do often, mind you, but what the heck. Okay, so my recent accomplishments include (in no particular order):

1. I successfully shot skeet.
2. I successfully shot my first photos picked up by the AP wire.

I also successfully spelled successfully, but we won't count that.

Anyway, "shooting skeet" (for you big-city folk) refers to brightly colored clay "pigeons" (disks) that, with the help of a flinging device, you fling into the air and shoot at with a shotgun. I'm pretty sure that "flinging device" isn't correct terminology, but I'm new to this too so you'll have to excuse me. So, I, having never fired a real gun before, hit these small clay disks flying at substantial speed through the air. Okay, actually I just hit one, but still... It wasn't just a small target, it was a small moving target.

As for accomplishment #2 on my list, let me explain. I took pictures took to go with a story about the local fish kills in the Shenandoah River. It's a pretty big issue around here, because all the fish are dying and it's hurting the fly fishing industry among others. So the story, accompanied by my pictures, made front page news here. One of the girls I work with submitted my photos to the AP unbeknownst to me, and then when I came to work yesterday she showed me how to look on the AP server to see if my stuff had been picked up. And it had. All five shots, so that was cool. I get paid for them too, $5 per photo. I know, it's not much, but hey! it's more than I've made all summer. AND my photos could appear in your newspaper, if your paper was so inclined.


Jamie Dawn said...

I think your pics being used is a BIG deal. Congrats!
I had a few stories published several years ago and made very minimal money for them. Who cares? I got published. So who cares if you only get $5 per pic? I think it's grrrreat that your pics are out there!

Your photos are really beautiful and you have a wonderful eye. You've got talent, girl!

My son is involved in a skeet shooting competition each year. He loves it!

John said...

Congrats! I'll be checking the Menard News every week when it comes out to see if they pick up your shots. That's when you'll really know you've reached the top!

Rachel said...

WELL??? Let's see them!!! That's freakin awesome emily!!! congratulations!

diseuse said...

Yes, you should share.

Steven said...

Incredible Emily! Oh and I don't mind that you gloat over yourself because you have something to be proud of! Here's a toast to your success.

Emily said...

The photo files are saved in one of the office computers, but I'll try to post them sometime in the next few days.