Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Faith in Humanity Restored...

I was the recipient of a random act of kindness this weekend.

It's not too often that this sort of thing happens, and even rarer is the time when I am on the lucky receiving end. As most of you might know, I have a Flikr account where I store my photos. It also allows me to post them to my blog. Within the site, you can look at other people's photos, make comments, add contacts, etc, etc. Signing up for Flikr is free. However, opening a pro account is not free, but with a pro account you get added bonuses like extra storage space and access to nude photos. (I'm kidding about the last one - just checking to see if you're still awake.)

So the random act of kindness came when a complete stranger purchased for me a pro account. Keep in mind this is like receiving a $25 gift from a person I've never met, never contacted, never heard of before in my life. Crazy huh? I sent him a Flikr message thanking him for his generosity, and here's what he replied:


It is my pleasure - really. As you can tell, I was more than a little impressed by your photography. (I have never given a gift like this before...)

You have a very very good eye, a sensitivity, a sense of photography, and sense of humour too, all of which together are very rare indeed - in all of flickr! (Now, don't let that get to your head or anything).

Anyway, I just hope you enjoy your year, and continue to enjoy sharing your discoveries with us.



You can check out his pictures here.


Steven said...

Wow Emily! That's amazing.

mlwhitt said...

Flickr is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

gRaCeY said...

Yeah, that's really amazing. :D

gRaCeY said...

Hey, something for you.

diseuse said...

I've heard of that happening to people before, although I've never heard of your benefactor. I liked his pictures though.

Jamie Dawn said...

Fantastic! There are good-hearted people in this world!